Bio / Statement

Spooner, 24" x 24", acrylic and pumice on panel

Bio: Ms. Anderson has an extensive national and international exhibition record and is represented in private and public collections worldwide.

Statement: The speed of contemporary life increasingly requires us to look quickly, apprehend the information, then move on. “Speed-looking” results in a kind of mentality that tends to restrict imagery to its iconic or symbolic value. Interactive media adds a dimension to speed-looking in that we discern not only the symbol but the symbol’s relationship to other symbols. The success of the symbolic relationship design determines in some part whether or not we actually decide to read the interactive page, or whether we decide to spend more time “there.”

These paintings combine the grid and symbol vernacular of speed-looking with a lushly textured surface that is the physical and visual result of hours of drawing, scraping, stamping, and painting. The viewer is encouraged to spend more time “there”  because the relationship of the interactive grid to the paintings’ grids is poetic rather than didactic; it represents a merging of sensibilities, an attempt to reconcile the imperative of an electronically-mediated world with the epic opera that is individual life.